Best Kona Coffee On The Market 2022

Best Kona Coffee On The Market 2022

It’s high time to dive into the detailed reviews of the top 7 best Kona coffees. This section will provide you precious information to help you identify which product you want. Therefore, you need highly pay attention to it.

Best Kona Coffee On The Market 2022

1. Cameron’s 12 Ounces Blend Kona Coffee

Cameron’s Coffee Single Serve Pods, Kona Blend, 12 Count (Pack of 1)

Your limited budget cannot impede you from drinking a tasteful cup of Kona coffee since this Cameron’s 12 Ounces Blend Kona Coffee will help you implement your wish. This product will be the most tasteful and the smoothest Kona blend coffee you have ever tried.

Besides, this Cameron is produced totally by handcrafted will bring you a coffee with a rustic aroma. This coffee combines Kona beans with a few nuts and a little chocolate that will give harmonic flavor without bitterness.

Further, I ensure that this product is one of the smoothest coffees since it is chosen top 10% high-quality Kona beans and blended with other Arabica coffees and lightly roasted. These Kona coffee beans are roasted in small batches to reduce water consumption and make sure to bring you an unforgettable experience when enjoying this product.


  • Its taste is not bitter.
  • Retain the moisture in beans
  • The aroma is dreamy


  • The flavor will be suitable for those who are finding a gentle coffee flavor.

2. KonaRed Whole Beans Kona Coffee

KonaRed Certified 100% Kona Coffee -Whole Bean- Single Estate, Hawaiian Grown in the USA Medium Roast, Fat Free, Dairy Free, Sugar Free (1lb)

Whole coffee beans always have a special attraction with coffee lovers. I will introduce you to the best whole beans that are KonaRed Whole Beans. These coffee beans are cultivated on the volcanic mountain slopes that make its coffee has a special flavor.

This coffee is grown on the slopes of the volcanoes Hualapai and Mauna Loa on the Big Island. KonaRed coffee is produced based on the strictest sustainability practices and cared indeed from germination to seeding.

Moreover, coffee beans are always well-sourced. During the cultivating process, it isn’t used any chemicals and pesticides to bring you highest-quality and cleanest Kona coffee beans with full profiles of micronutrients that can give you additional advantages besides a caffeine boost.

Its flavor is perfectly balanced since it is roasted at medium level and has a rich aromatic flavor with hints of chocolate, caramel, and light floral notes. You can taste an extraordinary flavor thanks to all of them, and I am sure you cannot forget this taste.

Additionally, the coffee beans are suitable for small coffee makers or French Press coffee makers, automatic coffee makers. I find it easy to make my own at home or to serve it in restaurants. With its state-of-the-art roasting and packaging, this coffee is always guaranteed to be fresh and delicious.


  • The flavor is super-rich and deep.
  • Best gift for a special occasion
  • It is the non-acidy taste


  • The price may be the only one factor making you confused

3. Hawaiian Gold Blend Kona Coffee

Gold Coffee Arabica Kanaloa Blend Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee 2 lbs

This Hawaiian Gold company is a multi-national importer of Single Estate Coffees and has over 25 experienced years in this field. Therefore, it is no surprise at this Hawaiian Gold Blend Kona Coffee becomes one of the most well-known Kona blend coffees.

With the desire to produce high-quality Kona blend coffee, this product just contains the finest coffee beans picked carefully. Besides, the coffee is roasted in small batches by expertise that will retain more flavor than automatic equipment types.

Moreover, to bring you the delicious Koa blend coffee, experienced farmers will select all beans that will ensure to produce rich, smooth-bodied, and delicately aromatic coffee. This blend produces a vibrant taste that you cannot find in other coffees.


  • You cannot feel the bitter and acidic aftertaste.
  • It is a smooth and rich coffee.
  • Affordable price


  • If you love strong coffee, it is a little bit weak.

4. Kona Gold Whole Beans Kona Coffee

Kona Gold Coffee Whole Beans – 16 oz, by Kona Gold Rum Co. – Freshly Roasted Medium/Dark Roast Extra Fancy – 100% Kona Coffee | Peach Notes With Creamy Tones

Today coffee can be prepared and served in a variety of drinks. Coffee is often enjoyed hot or iced. I will introduce you to a coffee product that tastes good when serving with the cold-brew method. The product I mentioned is Kona Gold Whole Beans Kona Coffee.

This coffee includes 100% authentic Kona coffee cultivated in the Kona district on the big island with a perfect climate for this type. The beans are selected and smooth roasted for a fresh taste.

Moreover, these dark-medium roast whole beans are voted extra fancy by HAS. All beans are harvested by hands and processed according to the wet method. After that, they are dried under the sunlight and air-roasted.

These beans also combine crisp, fruity notes with creamy tones of molasses and brown sugar that will create a remarkable coffee cup during the roasted process. In 2018, this product honorably achieved AVPA Paris Silve that is proof of endless effort.


  • Unforgettably delicious and smooth
  • Freshness and wonderful aroma
  • No acidic taste


  • Its flavor is quite strong.

5. Mountain Thunder Espresso Roast Kona Coffee

100% Kona Private Reserve – 1 Pound Premium Gourmet Vienna Roast Whole Bean by Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation

Espresso is one of the most favorite coffee of many people. However, not all coffee is suitable to prepare a perfect cup of espresso. This Mountain Thunder Espresso Roast Kona Coffee will bring you a subtle espresso.

All coffee beans are carefully cared for, from sowing to seeding. They are derived from the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii. You can enjoy the taste of Hawaii in every sip of coffee that is a slightly bitter taste profile, the luxurious chocolate overtones, and an ultra-smooth aftertaste.

This coffee is carefully roasted in small batches by experts Roastmaster to detain high quality with low acidity. You can feel the fresh flavor of the coffee.

Moreover, this product will provide you versatile uses to taste coffee in hot or cold coffee. It is great for classic drinks such as espressos, mochas, macchiatos, lattes, cappuccinos, Americanos, and Cubanos. You can experience a delicious taste in every cup of coffee.

After dedicated farmers pick Kona coffee, these fresh beans are fast roasted and sealed in exclusively-designed coffee bags and delivered within several roasting days. This process ensures you can enjoy the best of the coffee beans.


  • Has a smooth taste
  • Doesn’t hurt you stomach
  • No bitterness


  • This coffee is quite much acidic compared to other Kona coffees

6. Volcanica Extra Fancy 100% Pure Kona Coffee

Hawaiian Kona Coffee Extra Fancy, 100% Pure, Ground, Fresh Roasted, 16-ounce

Finding a coffee with vibrant flavor is not easy; therefore, I will recommend a coffee with a delicious taste that low acidity, and a heady aroma. The special product is Volcanica Extra Fancy 100% Pure Kona Coffee.

This product has excellent taste, with a combination of rich buttery flavor and nutty cinnamon and clove overtones. It would be wonderful to taste a cup of coffee that has both a rich taste and aroma.

In addition, the item has a delicious taste by carefully selected coffee beans. It is also produced in a natural method, which means it is dried inside the whole fruit. It is authentic 100% coffee, derived from the Hawaiian Islands, which will provide you flavorful and full-bodied coffee beans mixed with no ingredients.

This coffee is medium roasted in small batches; hence, you can feel the true flavor in every sip of coffee. The beans are always packed immediately after roasting and delivered to the customer for those few days. Besides, you can be completely comfortable when using it since it is 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.


  • Freshly roasted
  • Its flavor is lively floral-fruity notes with a hint of jasmine
  • Use natural method allowing the coffee to dry inside fruits


  • Its taste is a little bit stale

7. Solimo Medium Roast Coffee Pods Kona Coffee

Amazon Brand – 100 Ct. Solimo Variety Pack Light and Medium Roast Coffee Pods (Kona, Breakfast, Donut), Compatible with Keurig 2.0 K-Cup Brewers

This Solimo Medium Roast Coffee Pods Kona Coffee will provide you a convenient way to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee without going out and spending a lot of time and money on making a line. Everything you do is put it in the K-cup brewers, and it will be ready to take.

This Kona Blend is a blend of 10% Kona coffee beans from Kona Moku on the Big Island of Hawaii with the finest coffee in Latin America, two famous places for cultivating coffee.

In addition, it has a mild sweetness, which is very suitable for those who like coffee but can not drink a bitter taste. Besides the light sweetness, it also provides you a vibrant acidity and a subtle aroma when enjoying this coffee. Besides, it is packed very carefully and stunning.

If you are not happy with this product, you can contact its company to get a refund.


  • Has vibrant acidity
  • You can feel the subtle aroma.
  • Mild sweetness and balanced aftertaste


  • Seem to be a very low amount of caffeine

Buying Guide For Your Best Kona Coffee

To choose the best Kona coffee, you need to check some factors of Kona coffee carefully:

Types Of Kona Coffee

Types of Kona coffee will decide how flavor you taste. 2 types of Kona coffee are available on the market now that are pure Kona coffee or blend coffee. As you know, Kona coffee contains 100% pure Kona; hence, it has a unique taste and expensive that many people cannot afford to buy it.

However, you can find an alternative solution that is Kona blends allowing them to taste Kona coffee at a lower price. These coffees have to contain at least 10% Kona coffee to be labeled as Hawaiian. The 90% remain usually is Arabica coffee.

Roast Level

Roast level is another significant factor that you need to pay extra attention to when purchasing Kona coffee since it will decide Kona coffee’s color as well as its flavor. Thus, you need to ask yourself this question what roast level you want to purchase: light, medium, or dark roasted Kona coffee.

Light roast: this level can bring you the most original Kona coffee flavor. As I know, lightly roasted coffee often doesn’t have a balanced taste, which means the amount of coffee, acidity, and fruitiness are not equal, and its taste seems to have too much citrus and floral.

Medium roast: As the name implies, it is an amazing compromise between coffee color and flavor. When enjoying this type of Kona coffee, you can easily realize that it starts caramelization but doesn’t yet have any burnt or chocolatey darkness.

With this level, you can feel a balanced entirely Kona coffee with a wide range of flavors: berry, acidity, citrus, and fruit.

Dark roast: It is roasted by well-trained hands to produce dark roasted Kona coffee with bold, darkness, and rich flavor. This level focuses on chocolatey darkness and has a little bit of citrus, floral, berry, and fruit as these flavors have been overshadowed or burnt off by the taste of full caramelization.

Certificate Of Kona Coffee Quality

The Hawaii Department of Agriculture (HAD) is responsible for testing coffee and grading Kona coffee. According to these standards, the grade is estimated, including size, moisture content, shortage of defects, and coffee shape. They are divided into eight grade bands.

Five categories include extra fancy, fancy, no.1, select, and prime that are high-class beans. The extra fancy is the premium quality of bean that is uniform in size, color and comes in without defective beans.

The grade is affected by the bean’s size and shape, which doesn’t affect the coffee’s flavor. The 3 remained categories are no.3, natural prime, and mixed natural prime. They have an affordable price than the previous coffee.

Whole Beans Or Grind

Choosing the whole bean or grind will depend on how much time you would like to spend preparing a cup of Kona coffee and how much fresh you taste. Whole beans are more tasteful and aromatic and produced with “fresh” quality; however, you need to crush it before brewing a cup of coffee.

Besides, grind coffee tends to lose its fragrance quicker than whole beans. Therefore, the sooner you use after buying grind one, the more of the original intended flavors there will be. The pro of this type is you don’t need to spend time grind it, and you just directly use it.


You cannot neglect these frequently asked questions since they will help you make up missed data about the best Kona coffee.

How do they cultivate Kona coffee?

The farmers grow coffee in the entire year in Kona. The Kona coffee trees get pollinated and bloom around February and March. The fruit starts developing in April and lasts until the end of summer.

The coffee cherries are harvested from September to January. The harvest time lasts several months since not all coffee cherries are ready to pick at once. The farmers have to pick these cherries by hand since they can tell which cherries are fully ripe, and the machine cannot access the steep terrain where Kona coffee trees are grown.

How to store Kona coffee?

The best way to reserve Kona coffee is to put them in a glass or ceramic container that has an airtight seal. Besides, you need to find a dark place and have a continual temperature to store it. You had not better to store Kona coffee in the fridge or freezer since the moisture can affect the taste of the coffee.

What is the best brewing approach for Kona coffee?

You can brew your Kona coffee in any way you want, depending on the roast, the equipment you have, and your preferences. You can get the richest taste of coffee with an espresso machine. On the contrary, a French press is a simple but effective way to have a subtle coffee cup.


I am a big fan of pure Kona coffee; thus, this Imagine 100% Medium-Dark Roast Kona Coffee always places on my top choice. This product was achieved AWPA Paris Gold Award in 2018, so I strongly believe in its quality.

Besides, its extra fancy grade is proof of premium quality with large size, moisture weight, and lack of defects.

Have you found the most suitable Kona coffee for you? I hope you can determine the Kona coffee that implements your wishes.

And the last words, if you have other Kona coffee want to recommend for me or any tips to get a subtle cup of coffee, you can leave a comment in the box chat below. I am always here to read your words soon.

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