Best Kitchen Towels For Drying Dishes 2022

Best Kitchen Towels For Drying Dishes 2022

One of the must-have “tools” in the kitchen is, without a doubt, a kitchen towel. While they might appear to be simple upon first glance, kitchen towels actually more useful than you might think.

If you’re still on the search for the perfect kitchen towels, why not check out my review for the best kitchen towels america’s test kitchen 2022?

Best Kitchen Towels For Drying Dishes 2022

1. DII Ultra Absorbent Kitchen Towel

DII Ultra Absorbent, Everyday Cotton Kitchen Towels, Dishcloth Set, Assorted Blue, 5 Piece

Highly efficient and affordable, these kitchen towels from DII prove to be the best choice for any tight budget out there. Arriving in a 5-piece set, these towels will help you clean and dry your various cookware as well as dinnerware.

Made from tightly woven cotton, these kitchen towels are exceptionally durable. Due to their material, the towels are lightweight and impressively absorbent. Moreover, these towels can dry in a surprisingly short time.

Furthermore, these towels boast a vintage and classic design that can fit in with virtually any kitchen’s decoration. With their elegant design and exceptional performance, these kitchen towels will make outstanding gifts to your friends.

If you want these kitchen towels to be as durable as possible, you should wash them separately in cold water on the first use. You should opt for a gentle cycle, and low iron these towels only.


  • Have a hanging loop in their corners, making storing them away an easy task
  • Vintage design can fit in with virtually any kitchen’s decoration
  • Exceptionally durable despite being quite lightweight


  • Towels tend to wrinkle a lot after a wash in the washing machine

2. DG Collections Flour Sack Kitchen Towel

DG Collections Flour Sack Dish Towels, 100% Cotton, Set of 12 (27×27 Inches), Multi-Purpose Vintage Kitchen Towels, Very Soft,Highly Absorbent, Lint Free, Pre-Washed Tea Towels for Embroidery- White

Are you looking for high-quality kitchen towels that you can add your own flare to? Look no further with these exceptional kitchen towels from DG Collections, which come with a plain design so that you can embroider whatever you want on them.

Made from environmentally friendly ring spun cotton, the DG Collection kitchen towels boast an impressive softness. Thanks to this, these products will not irritate your hands even when you roughly rub them against the towels.

Furthermore, due to the products’ impressive production quality, they are quite durable. What’s more, these kitchen towels will produce virtually no lint whatsoever. Due to this, the DG towels can be used for various purposes.

It’s worth mentioning that these kitchen towels are super absorbent. In fact, they are 50% more absorbent than your average flour sack. Therefore, you’ll find that cleaning up large spills with these kitchen towels a breeze.

Furthermore, these kitchen towels can also be used to keep your food warm. For instance, if you need to keep your freshly baked bread to stay warm for a longer time, all you need to do is warp the bread with a new towel.


  • The kitchen towels have a plain design, which allows them to be a perfect choice for embroidery
  • Products are made from ring-spun cotton; therefore, they are as durable as they are soft
  • The towels come in bulk, ensuring that you will always have a fresh kitchen towel at hand


  • The towels dry at quite a low speed

3. KAF Home Pantry Set Of Kitchen Towels

KAF Home Pantry Lemons All Over Kitchen Dish Towel Set of 4, 100-Percent Cotton, 18 x 28-inch

With this set of kitchen towels from KAF Home, you’ll be able to keep your kitchen as nice and clean as possible. Therefore, you’ll be able to comfortably cook and move around in your kitchen without fearing you’ll be making a big mess.

Arriving in an 8-piece set, these products will make sure that you will always have a clean towel right at hand. As a result, you can always make sure that the towel you’re using to clean or kitchenware is clean and fresh.

Made from 98% cotton, the KAF Home kitchen towels are quite absorbent. They provide an excellent alternative to paper towels, which can be wasteful and environmentally unfriendly.


  • Products are made from high-quality cotton for better performance
  • You can use these towels to keep pots and pans warm for a longer time
  • The towels are not as prone to wrinkles as many other competing products


  • You need to wash the towels separately as the colors might bleed during the wash

4. Vimeet Kitchen Cotton Classical Kitchen Towel

Vimeet 2 Pcs Kitchen Cotton Classical Striped Towel/Absorbent Towel/Hanging Towel/Hand Towel,Brown Stripes

In case you’re in need of a kitchen towel with a button loop for convenient storage, I’ve found the perfect choice for you. Made from durable cotton, this set of kitchen towels can be easily disassembled so that you can use and clean it.

Designed with a button loop, the Vimeet kitchen towels boast an innovative design that makes storing and using towels an effortless job. The soft, breathable fabric of the towels will give you a brand new experience when using the products.

Due to the high quality of their materials, the Vincent towels are exceptionally absorbent. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to dry and clean your kitchenware with ease. Clearing off spills and wet spots in the kitchen will become effortless as well.


  • You can quickly disassemble the towels to use or clean them
  • Are exceptionally absorbent, making it easier for you to dry and clean your cookware and dinnerware
  • The towels are soft enough that they will not irritate your hands and skin


  • The towels are a bit small

5. Hannahs Homestead Pioneer Woman Hanging Kitchen Towel

Wild Roses Pioneer Woman Hanging Kitchen Towel – Red Crochet Top – Double Thickness Best Quality

An excellent choice when it comes to kitchen towels with crochet tops, this product from Hannahs Homestead boasts a superb thickness. Thanks to this, this kitchen towel can absorb liquid at a surprisingly fast rate.

Furthermore, the Hannahs Homestead kitchen towel is thick enough that you can use it as makeshift oven mitts to open oven doors, cupboards, or refrigerators. Therefore, you’ll find this towel to be a highly versatile tool in the kitchen.

What’s more, this kitchen towel also comes with a button loop. Therefore, you can easily hang the towel somewhere dry and clean. The button loop can be easily disassembled so that you can use and clean the towel properly.


  • From one large towel folded in half, so that it’s a lot thicker than the average ones
  • The towel is absorbent enough to be used to clean big spills
  • These kitchen towels will not produce any lint, making them an exceptional choice for cleaning and drying kitchenware


  • The kitchen towel is a bit expensive

6. Ahenque Eco-Friendly Turkish Kitchen Towel

Ahenque Set of 2, Eco-friendly Turkish Tea Towel, Dishclothes, Peshkir, Dish Towel, Kitchen Towel, Hand Towel (Gray)

If you’re looking for a kitchen towel with tassels or fringe, this set from Ahenque will prove to be the perfect choice for you. Made from natural cotton with handwoven looms, these kitchen towels are as beautiful as they’re efficient.

Thanks to the production method of these kitchen towels, they are highly durable. Therefore, you can expect to use these products for quite a long time without any sign of wear and tear.

Furthermore, these kitchen towels are soft enough that you can use them as hand towels or guest towels. Even better, unlike low-quality towels, the soft texture of these kitchen towels will improve with every wash.


  • The towels are quite absorbent, making them an ideal choice for drying dinnerware as well as cookware
  • Products are not prone to wrinkles even after a wash in the washing machine
  • Are big enough for you to use them to clean up big messes in the kitchen


  • You need to wash the towels separately first before using it to reduce shredding and improve its absorbency

7. Ritz Hook And Hang Kitchen Towel

Ritz Hook and Hang Towel with Permanent Rubber Hook for Kitchen, Bathroom, Mudroom, Laundry Room, Extra-Large, 18″ X 28″, Machine Washable, 2 Pack, Paprika

Kitchen towels should always be hung in a clean and dry place so that they will be less likely to grow mold and bacteria. What’s an easier way to do this than finding kitchen towels with built-in hooks.

Boasting a generous size, the Ritz kitchen towel has a permanently attached rubber hook that will allow you to hang it anywhere you want. The hook’s soft and flexible material allows it to be washed in the washing machine with no problem.

Don’t be fooled by the hook’s small size. Because the hook is so flexible, it can attach to virtually any surface such as handles, knobs, drawers, or latches. Finally, you can say goodbye to towels falling onto the floor and getting dirty.

Moreover, the Ritz kitchen towel is exceptionally soft and absorbent. Therefore, you can use this product for various tasks such as cleaning or drying your kitchenware. You can also use it to dry your hands.


  • Have a decent thickness
  • You can use this towel to wrap around your food so that it stays hot for a longer time
  • Large enough that you can use this as a makeshift bathroom towels for toddlers


  • The towels are a bit on the pricey side

Tips And Tricks On How To Buy The Best Kitchen Towels

Even though kitchen towels seem straightforward enough, it’s not easy to buy the best kitchen towels. Therefore, here are some tips that you should know when looking for kitchen towels.


The size of your kitchen towel is more important than you think. A towel too small will mean that it’s not sufficient enough to take care of various tasks in the kitchen.

Therefore, if possible, always opt for kitchen towels with a large size. Just make sure that your kitchen has an adequate space to keep the towel dry and fresh.


Density usually equals to absorbency. You’ll want your kitchen towels to be as absorbent as possible (after all, that’s its main job). So I’d recommend you to choose kitchen towels with an impressive density or thickness.

Number Of Pieces

Kitchen towels are usually sold in bulk. This is quite understandable, as you usually need to replace your towel within a day or two to ensure that your towel is always clean.

Therefore, it’s always better to buy set with a higher number of pieces.

Hanging Loop

If you don’t have enough space to spread your kitchen towel when it’s not in use, you should choose one with a hanging loop or so. With this, you’ll be able to hang the towel so that it will dry more properly.

If you can’t hang the kitchen towel so that it’ll air dry better, the chances are the moisture inside the towel will get it to develop mold, bacterial, as well as unpleasant odors.


When it comes to kitchen towels, might favorite set is definitely the Fecido Classic Kitchen Towel. It’s one of the most absorbent kitchen towels there is. Furthermore, the set is exceptionally durable and beautiful as well.

Have you found the perfect kitchen towel yet? Is there anything you’d want to share with me and your fellow readers? Let me know in the comment.

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